Dramas I’m currently watching :

A gentleman’s dignity (love this one!)
Queen In-Hyun’s man


(rated out of 10)

49 Days – 6
All in – 5.5
Athena – 5.5 – It started off good, very good, but sadly, it took the wrong turn afterwards 😦
Boys over flowers – 3 – If it wasn’t for Kim Bum and Kim So-eun, I would have never watched this till the end
Call of the country – 5.5 – Very funny, I had a good laugh watching this drama
City hall – 8
City hunter – 8.5
Coffee prince – 6.5
Couple of fantasy – 6.5
Creating destiny – 7
Dream high – 5.5
Exhibition of Fireworks – 4
Feast of the gods – 6
Full house – 7 – my first Kdrama
Goong – 6.5 – I watched this once when it first aired in 2006 but it put me to sleep right away so I stopped watching after 5 or 6 episodes. years later, I started watching it again out of boredom… I’m glad I did, because this drama turned out to be much better than I had originally thought ^^
Greatest love – 7
Green rose – 8
Lie to me – 3.5
Lovers in Prague – 7.5
My girl – 4.5
My princess – 4.5
Save the last dance for me – 4.5
Secret garden – 6
Ojakkyo brothers – 7
Outrageous Women – 6.5
Prosecutor princess – 8.5
Shinning inheritance – 6
Soulmate – 8
Ten – 7
The princess’s man – 9.5
Time between dog and wolf – 7
Vampire prosecutor – 8.5
Will it snow for Christmas? – 6
Who are you? – 6.5
You’re beautiful – 8
You’ve fallen for me – 6

4 thoughts on “Korean

    • I’m only on episode 3, so far it’s okay, it’s funny but I’m not totally drawn in yet. I like Lee Min Jung but her character Gil Da Rim annoys me a lot. I’m very interested in Yoon Jae’s charater though. I’ll keep watching because I want to find out more about him ^^
      And big pros of this drama is Gong Yoo of course. I love him

      • Well everybody likes different things and that’s a good thing lol. Almost everyone I have talked to about it loved QIHM and I couldn’t even finish it. We all have our own connections or not to different dramas. Big just keeps getting crazier as it goes though lol. When episode 9 airs some major stuff is going to go down. Gong Yoo is amazing in looks and acting, my personal fave!!

  1. How ironic~ Full House was my first korean drama and I love The Princess Man. Glad to see you liked it too.

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