Whanjai kub nai jomying

  • Smart Krissada  as Todsawin
  • Matt Peeranee as Jomjai
  • Margie Rasri as Kaewsai
  • Louis Scott as Chatchawin
  • Mint Chalida as Kun
  • First Ekkaphong as Atsawin

Three cousins with different personalities, Todsawin, Chatchawin and Atsawin, are competing with each other to become the heir of Siam Tara, a five-star hotel.

Jomjai, Kun, and Kaewsai are best friends and classmates at a local university, majoring in Home Economics. Jomjai’s specialty is cooking, Kun is decorating and being a florist, Kaewsai is a dessert cook. For their final semester, the girls are sent to Siam Tara Hotel for an internship. There, they meet the 3 heirs to the hotel.

Watch this lakorn to find out how the three pretty ladies come and confuse the lives of our young executives and how their sweet love unfolds.

To watch this :

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