Kon rak luang jai

  • Ken Theeradeth as Ran
  • Janie Tienphosuwan as Bua
  • Sara Legge as Rinrada
  • Not Vorarit Fuengarom as Sia Phet
  • Noey Chotika as Orm
  • Selina Pearce as Cartoon
  • Boy Chokchai as Chatchai

What will happen when a secretary at the embassy falls in love with a woman who disguised herself as a prostitute?

Kon ruk luang jai tells the story of Bua, whose family owns Thailand’s biggest soy sauce company. Since childhood, she has been secretly in love with Ran, the Secretary at the Thai Embassy in Prague. She learns from her brother Phet, who is Ran’s best friend, that Ran wants to hire a prostitute to pose as his lover in order to escape the wedding his mother has arranged for him. Bua herself is trying to avoid an arranged marriage with Chatchai, so she runs away from home, goes to Prague, posing herself as the prostitute that Phet has hired for Ran and seizes the opportunity to make Ran fall for her.

Watch it :



One thought on “Kon rak luang jai

  1. Hi Soussday,
    Where can we watch the full subbed episodes of Kon Rak Luang Jai? We can’t watch episodes 1 to 13 on Youtube anynore. I really love this lakorn and would appreciate if you can make it available again.
    Really appreciate your work and waiting to hear from you.

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