Leh roy rak ep.7 – Recaps

I’m sorry for taking so long, I’m now back to recapping this lakorn ^^

So, bed time. Win wants to sleep on the bed with Tarn, but Tarn refuses and was about to go sleep on the sofa when Win poped the question :

We aren’t really husband and wife, are we?
You are lying to me, aren’t you?

Tarn becomes speachless. After a moment of silence, she answers no, she’s not lying. But Win insists and says that if she wants him to believe her, tonight, they have to sleep in the same bed! But Tarn tells him she doesn’t care and goes to sleep on the sofa. She also warns him not to try anything on her while she’s sleeping. She then wonders to herself whether he has recoved his memories, but concludes that he didn’t, otherwise, he would have already sent her to jail.

In the morning, Somyut arrives at the house with his fellew police officers and tell everything he knows about Tarn and her mother to Grandpa. Tarn comes down from her room, sees the officers and gets nervous. She goes back and runs into Win. Tonhorm arrives and informs them that Grandpa wants to see both of them for some important matters. Tarn is nervous, she doesn’t want to go and tell Win to go first, she’ll follow him shortly.

So Win goes to meet Grandpa and Somyut. He is told that Tarn lied about her mother working overseas. Win replies that he already knows about it. Somyut adds that her mother owes 10 million because of gambling and that Tarn is tyring to find the money to save her mother. Win once again says that he knows.
Somyut insists, he goes on to say that Tarn’s mother was arrested before for scamming people and he suspects Tarn to be an accomplice. Phu says he knows about her mother, but he wants evidence concerning Tarn, otherwise he will sue Somyut for slandering his wife. Somyut is speachless and takes his leave. – Yay! One point for Win, zero for the bad guy!

As for Tarn, she is making her bag. She has decided to leave and throws her luggage out the balcony. She then goes down using a blanket and lands right in front of the room where Win and Grandpa are. Win sees her and runs after her, but Tarn is stopped by Somyut.

Win arrives and takes her inside the house. He tells her what Somyut told him. Tarn apologizes to him and he asks what else she is hiding from him. She says there is none.

– Even about us being in love? You didn’t lie to me, did you?
– I did not lie to you. I love you, khun Phu.

She hugs him. Her eyes are tearing up as she asks him to forgive her. He agrees and she hugs him again, for a long time.
Tarn then goes to ask forgiveness from Grandpa. Grandpa says that he isn’t angry. He also says that she should thank Phu, because whoever his grandson loves, he loves them too. He adds that people living together should be honest with each other and he makes her promise that she will not hide anything from him again.

Win tells everything to Phu and Phu wonders why he didn’t report her to the police. Win explains that if he does so, it might get back to them and ruin their plans, and no, it wasn’t because he has feelings for her, not at all. But that’s not the reason why they are meeting today. Tomorrow, Win will work at the company in Phubadee’s name, and they discuss how he should start investigating the murder of Phakin, Phu’s uncle.

At home, Grandpa is chatting with attorney Prarot about Tarn’s matter. He thens asks for her and tells her that he will give her dowry, which is the 15 millions that they had agreed on in one of the previous episodes. Napha is eavesdropping outside the room, she heard everything and is enraged. Her sickness is acting up and she rushes home to take her pills. She tells everything about the money to her daughter. She wanted to go beg Grandpa for her share of the inheritance and move out of the house, but Parami stops her by saying that Grandpa will not give them anything at all because they are not related to him, that they are just outsiders that he took in. Parami also tells her mother not to worry about Tarn, because she won’t stay in the house for long. That sentence makes the mother worries about her daughter’s intentions.

Speaking of Tarn, she’s sleeping on the sofa, she wants Win to sleep cozily on the bed as a thank you gift for being nice to her. But Win says that if she really wants to thank him, then they should both sleep on the bed. He promises her that he will not do anything to her. Tarn agrees after insisting that he can’t even touch her. Both head to bed and sleep with the lights on because Tarn asked him not to switch them off.

All of a sudden, Tarn asks him about his outing with Bunthan in the afternoon. She wants to know whether he found anything suspicious with Bunthan regarding the night where she and May ended up naked in his bed. Win says that Bunthan doesn’t know anything. He then stares at Tarn with suspicious eyes after recalling Phu-aka-Bunthan saying that it might be Tarn’s doing. She tells him to sleep and not think too much because it will give him a headache. He complies. She gives him a kiss and wishes him sweet dreams. That kiss makes him happy but troubled at the same time, because you know, he is supposed to take revenge on her, not fall in love with her.

Later that night, May sees her brother heading out somewhere. She is curious so she follows him. Bunthan catch up to her and they find Ae and Parami making out in the garden. May accidentally steps on a branch and cracks it, making Ae and Pa aware that someone might be watching them. May and Bunthan hide themselves. Next scene you see them, they are hugging, totally glued to each other while hiding -lol-

May asks him what he is doing down there so late at night. He returns her the question. He points his finger to his nose -in reference to what happened in the previous episode, the scene with the chocolates where they almost kissed- and asks her if she couldn’t sleep because she was thinking about him. May is embarrassed, she says no and then runs away. He runs after her and confesses his love for her…

At breakfast, Win joins Tarn and Grandpa, he is all dressed up and is even wearing his sunglasses inside the house. Tarn asks him where he is going. He says that he’s going to work at the company because there are still two weeks before their wedding – What… wedding? Oh right- the wedding that Grandpa has arranged for them… I’ve totally forgotten about it – Tarn pouts because he didn’t tell her beforehand. She doesn’t want him to go because someone might find out about their little secret concerning his memory loss. He says it’s alright, Prarop will be with him all the time. Still, Tarn insists, she wants to go to the company with him, but he tells her he can take care of himself. She tells him to hurry home after he is done with work and he leaves with a big smile on his face after Tarn gave him a goodbye kiss~

Win arrives at the company, meets with Prarop and learns that he is going to replace Ae as the business administrator. His office is Phakin’s old office, which brings up the topic of Phakin’s death. He asks Prarop why the police conclude that Phu’s uncle committed suicide and whether Prarop believes it or not. Prarop’s answer : 50-50, because anything could happen. After Prarop left, Win asks for Bunthan to come and they both go trough the company’s files together.

During that time, Tarn takes 10 million from the 15 that she received from Grandpa to the gambling den to release her mother. She tells her mother everything about how she got the money over lunch. She also tells her that she will open a shop for her in Chiang Mai, while she stays in Bangkok with her fake husband. Her mother worries about her, what if he recovers his memory? Won’t Tarn end up in jail if he did? Tarn says that he’s very forgiving, he didn’t even get angry when he learned the truth about her mother.

– Answer me, you love him, don’t you?
– No!
– Don’t lie to me! Be frank!
– Yes… I love him. He is a good man, and he is very good to me. No one has ever been this kind to me.

Her mother warns her that he is good to her because he thinks that he loves her. When he learns the truth about her not being his wife, he is going to put her in jail. Mom tells her daughter to wake up from her dream and to run away with her.

Back to the company, Phu finds that something is wrong with the accounting. And who’s in charge of the accounting? Anaek. We then get a flashback of Phakin and Anaek. Phakin found out that Anaek was stealing from the company and theatened to tell Grandpa, but Phakin died right after and didn’t get the chance to expose Anaek.

Present day, Win goes to Anaek and tells him that he founds something not usual with the accounts. He wants to look into them in details. Anaek gets nervous and says that he will do it instead but Win insists that he does it himself.

After Win left, Ae goes into his dad’s office. He tells his dad he might resign. Anaek is against it, he says he doesn’t want to let Grandpa down. But Ae smirks

Grandpa doesn’t care about me. Who knows, maybe if Phubadee dies, he may see my value.

Anaek warns him not to spout stuffs like that in front of others, but Ae says he doesn’t care.

As for Tarn, it seems like she has agreed to leave with her mother. She admits she wants to return to that house again and see Win for one last time though. She pleads with her mother. Mom eventually gives in and they agreed to meet in the middle of the night. While Tarn and her mother walk away, Somyut’s sidekick spot them and report to his superior. Somyut orders him to grab Tarn if he can.

Jumping back to Win, he gets the files he asked for from a worker in the accounting dept. He learns from that man that Phakin knew about the strange figures in the accounts and has asked Anaek about it, but then, he died and no one looked into that matter again. He reports to Phu that uncle Phakin knew about Anaek’s strealing from the company. They agree to keep a close watch on Anaek because he might have something to do with Phakin’s death.

As per his boss’s order, Somyut’s sidekick follow Tarn and her mother while they are shopping. Thankfully, the mother spots him and they manage to get rid of him after giving him a good beating.

Later in the evening, Tarn is watching Win while he is working in their room. She is sad that she has to go and reminisces her memories with him. She eventually leaves in the middle of the night, with eyes full of tears.

End of episode 7

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  1. just curious..are u planning to sub Maya Tawan lakorn once its start airing? I will be so glad if you will and appreciate it so much for your hard work. 🙂

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