[Eng sub] Parn Thanaporn – Peuan nai fan

This is Parn’s new MV that was released back in May. The MV is really cute. So is the song, it’s cheerful and quite different from her usual sad and emotional songs =)

The MV stars a cute Matt Peeranee and a good looking Nong Thana. He is Boy Pakorn’s younger brother and he has starred in a few MVs in the past. The two brothers look so much alike. At first when I saw some stills of the MV, I thought he was Boy ^^

(I think he’s more handsome than his bro though…lol)

Matt and Boy will soon be working together on the lakorn Fah krajang dao, the third and last instalment of the Saam Taharn Seua Sao series. The first in the series is Maya Tawan with Yaya & Aum while the second one is Mon Janthra starring Margie & Chakrit.

6 thoughts on “[Eng sub] Parn Thanaporn – Peuan nai fan

  1. Thank you for linking to my post, Sousday 🙂
    I always find Matt absolutely gorgeous and suits well with any leading man whom she is paired with. I had no idea she’s going to be filming with Boy Pakorn, now that will be an interesting matchup!

    • Matt with Boy, I’m quite skeptical about this pairing. Matt has never disappointed me in the past, but Boy- I’ve seen many of his past works but never once did I like him… still, I’m willing to give him another chance. Moreover, there’s no way I’m going to pass the Saam taharn seua sao series because I love Yaya and Matt, Margie -not so much, but I’m fine with her. The three of them will play as best friends and they will pop up in each other’s lakorn! =)

  2. HAhaha. I remember watching this lakorn when it came out. It was super cute. Love it. Love both the MV and song. Thank You for the sub. 😀

    • Which one? All three lakorns are remakes and out of the three, I’ve only seen Fah Krajang dao with Noon and Por. I liked that lakorn, but Noon’s character was very serious. I hope that Matt will lighten the character a little with her lively behavior =)

      • Haha. Oh,I’m sorry. I make a mistake. What I meant was “I remember watching this MV when it came out” not “lakorn”.hahha. My bad. I was confuse at your comment so I went back to reread my comment and it was me who make the mistake.hahha. Sorry.

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