Leh roy ruk ep.6 – Recaps

Tarn can’t sleep, she is still thinking about how she ended up naked in Bunthan’s bed. She thinks it was Bunthan’s doing. His intentions being that he wanted to get rid of Tarn, so he could get with Phu. But his original plan failed, so he targeted May instead, in hope of becoming Grandpa’s grandson-in-law. Win disagrees with her. Tarn tells him that he is too careless, people these days aren’t trustworthy. She wants to expose Bunthan but Win talks her out of it. He will do it instead and find out the truth. They tell each other to be careful and head back to sleep.

May is another person who can’t forget the events from last episode. She learns from her father that Grandpa wants her to marry Bunthan. She refuses. Her brother looks down on her and says that she should be grateful Bunthan is willing to marry her, because if she ends up pregnant, at least, her child will have a father. They fight, their father stops them and he tells her that she is to marry Bunthan as per Grandpa’s order.

She goes looking for Bunthan and asks the truth out of him. She thinks he’s behind everything but Bunthan denies. She calls him irresponsible. He retorts that he’s willing to bear the responsibility by marrying her, but she is the one who is saying no. She starts crying, now, everyone is blaming her and is saying that she is a bad girl, because of him, she is ashamed of everyone. Bunthan remains silent, he tries to comfort her and ask her to marry him. But May refuses, she slaps him and yells that she hates him.

On her way home, May runs into Parami. Parami is happy that her plans succeeded and mocks May about her marrying the chauffeur. They get into a fight and Parami feigns being innocent as always when Grandpa stops them. Grandpa orders May to apologize to Parami. She refuses at first but later complies after Grandpa’s threatened to throw her out.

Anaek follows May to their house. He scolds her for humiliating him and making him ashamed of the others. She replies that he can just say that she is not his daughter, because he has never cared for her anyway. After hearing that, her father slaps her for being rude. Bunthan sees her crying, he tries to wipe her tears but she tells him to leave her alone.

As for Parami and her mother, they are talking behind May’s back and are happy that May didn’t get to marry Phubadee. Napha then asks her daughter not to get involved with Ae. Parami answers that she won’t – but we all know that it is a lie.

While watching a gun fight scene from Rahut Torachon -rofl- on TV, Win sees flashbacks from his own past. He remembers fighting with thugs before, but nothing more. The next morning, he sees Bunthan in the garden and recalls a talk he had with Grandpa. The talk was about May and Bunthan. Grandpa said that he agreed to let Bunthan marry May because although his social status is inferior to May, his being a good person isn’t inferior to anyone.

Win sees flashbacks again when he is talking to Bunthan about May. This time, he sees Phubadee-who-is-now-acting-as-Bunthan calling him by the name Win. This makes him wonders whether the two of them knew each other before.

Poor Bunthan, he has to deal with his crazy situation and with Win’s memory loss alone… all this while the root of all his worries -well, maybe not all, but at least one- is happily baking and being sweet with her so-called husband whom she won’t even let him kiss her on the cheeks.
But good news for him… after a good smim, Win has now remembered that his real name is Thawin, that Bunthan is in fact Phubadee, and why both of them have returned to Thailand… Welcome back, Thawin!

Bunthan learns from Tonhorm that May hasn’t been eating anything, so he brings her some chocolates.

I read in books that when we are stressed or frustrated, if we eat chocolates, it can make us feel better. Do you want them?

She doesn’t answer, so he puts the chocolates down and leaves. She makes sure that he is gone, picks up the chocolates and eats them -lol- But of course, Bunthan surprises her from behind. She runs away embarrassed and peeps at Bunthan from inside her house.

How did he know I like chocolates of this brand?

Bunthan returns to his day job. Win comes up to him and asks him to drive him out. The mood between them is Tense!

In the next scene, we get to see that Somyut knows the whereabouts of Tarn’s mother. He is planning to capture her. During that time, Tarn is looking for Win, but we see that someone has been contantly spying on her throughout the episode.

Back to our boys -handsome men?- the mood is still tense… until Win eventually tells Bunthan that he got his memory back. They catch up on everything that happened, and Win laughs at himself for being fooled by Tarn and for almost believing that he is gay. Phu tells him to hurry and get rid of her, but he says he wants to take revenge first.

– You should hurry and get rid of her, before she causes more troubles.
– I can’t. Because I haven’t taken revenge yet.
– Gae pet or gae paa?

Ha! “gae pet” means to take revenge, while “gae paa” is to undress… “Take revenge on her or undress her?” is what Phu is asking. Win remains silent and Phu makes fun of him for not having slept with her yet even though he’s such a womanizer. To defend himself, Win says that Tarn kept reminding him that he was gay so many times that he almost fell for it. This cause Phu to laugh even louder.

Their discussion takes a more serious tone when Win brings May up into the picture. Phu says he still don’t understand how May found her way to his bed, and so does May. Win wonders whether this could be a set up.

Phu believes that Tarn set it up. Win disagrees and says that he also found her naked in that bed, but Phu is still convinced that it was her doing. He blames Win for believing everything Tarn says because of her pretty face. Win denies of course.

While the boys were chatting on the bridge, Tarn learns that Win went out with Bunthan from the people in the kitchen. She walks to Bunthan’s room and takes the opportunity to search it, but she didn’t find anything suspicious. She later meets with Napha on her way out. Napha lectures her for coming in and out of another’s guy room because it could damage Phubadee’s name.

Win and Phu finally return home. Tarn was nervously waiting for her husband. She says she was worried about him. Win hugs her and acts all sweet to her. He tried to steal a kiss from her three times in less than a minute and succeeded twice.

On Somyut’s side, he goes to the gambling looking for Tarn’s mother after knowing that she’s there. He tries to approach her, but the mother guessed right about his being a police officer, so she reports to the manager. Somyut gets kindly invited to leave, and if he wants to take Tarn’s mother with him, he should come back with 10 million.

Back to our leads, Tarn brings a cake she baked to let Win taste it. After recalling the day she lied about being his wife, Win gets close to her and intensely stares at her. This scares Tarn.

– Is there something, khun Phu?
– Nothing. I’m thinking that I’m so lucky to have such a pretty wife.
– I thought it was something else, you scared me. I thought you had recovered your memories!
– What do you mean?

Tarn dodges the question and change topic, while Win makes an annoyed face.

He stares at her again, and asks her why she didn’t leave him even after the memory loss. Tarn replies that it is because she loves him.

– Is that the truth?
– Of course, why? You don’t believe me?
– I don’t believe you! Sometimes, I can’t help but think that you are lying to me.

This takes Tarn by surprise. She asks him why he thinks like that and he says that it is because she keeps saying she loves him but she has never shown love to him, for example, she has never kissed nor hugged him. Tarn resorts to the same old trick about his being gay, but this time Win isn’t duped. To make up for it, Tarn kisses his cheek. Phu asks for another one on the other cheek, she complies. He then aks for one on the lips but she kisses him on the cheek again instead. He says he wants to kiss, he was about to succeed but they get interrupted by Tarn’s phone.

It is Tarn’s mother calling. She tells Tarn that she got a surprise visit from a police officer. Tarn deduces that it was Somyut. Her mother asks her about her whereabouts, but Tarn says she will tell her everything when they meet face to face. And like everytime that Tarn is alone, we are shown that someone is spying on her. This time, Tarn feels it too. But unaware that someone means her harm, Tarn thinks she  is being haunted instead.

Ae and Parami meet in a hotel room to discuss about the mishap on that eventful night. Parami says she doesn’t know when the plan went wrong, but as plan A failed, they should move on to a new plan and orders Ae to think up of one. As she leaves the room, she gets a phone call from Somyut telling her that he has good news. They meet and Somyut reports everything he found out about Tarn and her mother to her. Parami is happy to hear that Tarn is really trying to scam money out of the man they all think is Phubadee, so she asks Somyut to go and expose everything about Tarn to Grandpa.

Win moves on with his revenge, this time he sneaks into the bed while Tarn is asleep. Tarn wakes up and sees him on the bed, she tries to send him back to the sofa but he strongly refuses. Tarn says fine, he can sleep on the bed, she will be the one sleeping on the sofa. That’s when Win pops the question…

We aren’t really husband and wife, are we?

End of episode 6.

2 thoughts on “Leh roy ruk ep.6 – Recaps

  1. i’m thinking what will be tarn reaction when she found out win already regain back his memmory…LOL
    Thanx for the recaps..^^

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