Leh roy ruk ep.5 – Recaps

We pick up where we left in episode 4 : At the restaurant, Thawin is seeing images of the first time he met Tarn. He wonders why he only recalls the time he wanted to kiss her and nothing else. – Well, maybe because there is nothing else to remember lol – Tarn tells him that it’s because he’s a playboy and that he wanted to assault her when they first met. Win kinda became speachless and asks her :

– If… I were to never recover my memories, will you still love me?
– Of course, I am your wife. Why would I not love you?

Win is moved by her answer.

Thank you. Although I don’t remember when I started being in love with you, I promise you that I will love you forever.

As for Bunthan, he’s still stuck at his table, with May sitting in front of him. He gets up and walks out but May sees him. She follows him to the parking lot but she quickly gives up the chase because there’s no way Bunthan would come to a fancy restaurant like that.
Later that night, Bunthan wonders how Win lost his memory, and how Tarn is related to Win and the current situation. He tells himself that he must find out the truth.

After their fancy dinner, Win is so drunk he can’t walk straight. He says he is so happy today because he gets to be with the person he loves.

– Today, I had so much fun and so much happiness!
– Of course, look at how much you drank
– It’s not like that! I’m happy because I get to be with you, whom I love!
– Khun Phu, do you know how many times you said you love me today?
– I don’t know, I didn’t count. I only know that I love you! I love you! I love you!

He goes for a kiss but she stops him as always. He sulks, she goes to shower and he kisses the bathroom window… – so cute~ He then collapses on the bed.
Alone in the bathroom, Tarn is moved by all the love confessions from fake Phubadee. She tells herself not to get too into the play.

I can’t! This is all a lie! There is nothing between him and me. I can’t be moved! I can’t! I can’t!

Tarn wakes Win up to go shower, but he wouldn’t get up. He drags her to the bed and falls asleep hugging her. He keeps saying he loves her in his sleep.

What happens in the morning…

Tellement adorable~

At the breakfast table, Anaek is reporting to Grandpa about the progress of a hotel construction. Grandpa wants Phubadee to head the project and to make him the business administrator, replacing Ae. Of course, Anaek is not pleased to hear this. He goes looking for his son and tells him everything. Ae says that he won’t agree to it and that he will talk to Grandpa. His dad reminds him that they are just outsiders, not blood related, and that Grandpa will only listen to Phubadee, his sole heir.

Ae then goes to vent to Parami. He tells her that her plans -to have him seduce Tarn- is too slow. He has something else in mind and tells Parami to drug Tarn with sleeping drug. Both Tarn and May were drugged. May returned to her room to sleep while Tarn was taken away by Ae after passing out in the garden.

Win is looking for his wife and finds her cellphone in the garden. He goes looking for her and sees a suspicious shadow leaving the building for the house’s employees. Win goes inside one room and finds Bunthan and Tarn in bed… naked – Oh. No.

Win can’t believe what he has just seen and leaves the room. He eventually comes back and tries to wake her up. But she didn’t wake up. So he tries to wake Bunthan. But he doesn’t wake up either. -Yea, that’s right… something smells fishy here- Win decides to carry Tarn out, but it seems like someone is watching him… and that someone goes into Bunthan’s room after Win left with Tarn. Win carries Tarn back to their room, tries to wake her up again but she still wouldn’t wake up.

In the morning, Tonhorm comes to the kitchen looking for Bunthan. He isn’t there. So she goes to look for him at his room. She knocks on his door but there’s no answer. She opens the door and… she sees something that kinda frighten her. She returns to the kitchen and yells that there’s big trouble!

Grandpa is having breakfast. Phu joins him alone because Tarn still hasn’t woken up. He tells Grandpa that she isn’t feeling well, then Grandpa gets called to go and see what is going on at Bunthan’s room. Phu goes as well. All of this goes according to Ae’s plan. But what Ae doesn’t know is that the person in Bunthan’s bed is not Tarn, but May, his own sister.

May wakes up, sees everyone looking at her and realizes that she isn’t in her room. She panicks. She says she doesn’t know anything but Grandpa scolds her. When Ae arrives and sees his sister in Bunthan’s bed, he is furious and punches Bunthan. Bunthan regains consciousness and doesn’t understand what is happening either. He gets a slap and a curse from May.

At the main house, Thawin tells everyone to calm down and not scold anyone because both May and Bunthan looked unaware of the situation. Bunthan then walks in. He affirms that he didn’t do anything to May but he couldn’t answer why May was in his bed. He only remembers that he was very sleepy and went to bed early last night. Ae yells that he doesn’t believe him -Well, you should, since technically, you’re the one who drugged him- May arrives and says that she is confident nothing happened between the two of them. All she remembers is that she returned to her room to sleep. Her father scoffs at her :

– Are you saying that someone carried you to Bunthan’s room?
– That’s right. I think someone set me up.

Afraid of being caught, Ae gets furious. He looks down on his sister by saying that she seduced Bunthan first and he accuses Bunthan of using her to raise his status.

Bunthan then says that he is going to take responsibility for what happened by marrying May. -Eh? Really? That’s like admitting that you planned all of this- Both Ae and Anaek strongly oppose and say that Bunthan won’t be able to provide May. His reply :

Though I’m just a driver, I am educated and with knowledge. I won’t let khun May starve.

But May refuses, she says that nothing happened between them, so he needn’t be responsible for her. She leaves after she’s done talking. Grandpa asks Bunthan about his confidence in being able to look after May. He tells Bunthan not to eye his money because he will not give a cent to May. Bunthan replies that it wasn’t his intention, he only wants to take reponsibility for May. Grandpa agrees to let him marry May, which makes Ae and Anaek speachless.

Win returns to his room and finds Tarn still sleeping. He replays the events from last night and what Bunthan and May said in his mind. When Tarn finally wakes up, she wonders how she ended up in the room. She only remembers that she was in the garden last night and that she was very sleepy.

– Did you find me sleeping in the garden?
– No. I found you sleeping in Bunthan’s room.

Ha. Tarn is surprised and can’t believe what she has just heard.
He asked her how come she was sleeping stark-naked in Bunthan’s bed. Tarn becomes shocked. She thinks she was raped by Bunthan… Win asks whether she remembers what happened to her, but her answer is still the same : she only remembers being very sleepy in the garden. She wants to go and kill Bunthan but Win stops her and says that Bunthan probably didn’t do anything to her. Win tells her to try to remember last night’s events and Tarn thinks maybe it has to do with Parami’s drink. She thinks there might be sleeping drug in it, moreover, both she and May drank it. She believes that someone wants to harm her and wonders if it could be Parami.

Speaking of the devil, Parami knocks on the door. She brought some soup for Tarn but Tarn looks at her with suspicious eyes. Parami confesses that there were sleeping drug in the drinks from last night. She blames it on her mother and says that it was her mother who added the sleeping pills into the drink without her knowing. She says that she also drank of bit of it and passed out as well. When Win asks her whether Bunthan drank some as well, she replies no. She then acts surprised to learn what happened between Bunthan and May and asks to excuse herself.
Tarn and Win wonder what the perpetrators’ intentions are… and Tarn gets angry at Win because he thought that she actually could go as far as cheating on him. He apologizes for misundertanding her.

I’m sorry. It may be because I love you so much which made me think in that way. But from now on, I promise, I will trust you in everything.

Aw~~ they make a pinky swear~ All of a sudden, it came to Tarn that he found her naked in Bunthan’s bed… so who dressed her back? Win says it was him of course since he found her, and yes, he saw everything -Haha.

May is in her room, still wondering how she got into Bunthan’s bed because when she went to bed, it was into hers, not Bunthan’s. Could it be Bunthan’s doing?
Bunthan is doing the same thing on his side. He wonders what happened last night because he was alone when he went to bed.

Then, we see what truely happened through Parami. She saw Win carrying Tarn out. As her plans to get rid of Tarn failed, she used it to get rid of May instead. Ae sneaks in and asks her what went wrong last night. Parami fakes ignorance again and says maybe May went to Bunthan’s room on her own.

Thawin is seeing his doctor alone. He tells the doctor that he can remember a bit about Tarn. The doctor says that it is a good thing. Win is delighted to know that he may get his memories back. -And so am I-
The doctor also tells him that the last time, a man claiming to be his friend came and asked about his condition.

While waiting for her so-called husband, Tarn calls her mother and learns that the police has been snooping around their house. When Win comes out, he tells her that he might get his memories back. He says it might take years or it might be tomorrow. He smiles widely whereas Tarn forces a smile. On their way out, they run into Somyut. He catches Tarn lying and says to himself that he will expose her when he gets enough evidence.

Win says he doesn’t like Inspector Somyut because it looks like he’s always trying to find guilt in Tarn. Tarn then asks Win whether he’ll get angry and hate her if she ever did something bad.

How can I get angry and hate you? Even when I’m gay, you didn’t leave me. So, nothing can make me stop loving you.

End of episode 5

My thoughts :

Oh Thawin, I like you for being clever and for being able to tell when something is not right. This is such a rare quality in the world of lakorns. I’m glad that he didn’t misunderstand Tarn and that he did the right thing by carrying her away. As for Parami’s plans to deal with May… I’m liking the turn of events. I’m so gonna laugh out loud when she finds out that Bunthan is actually Phubadee.

9 thoughts on “Leh roy ruk ep.5 – Recaps

  1. Sooo good. Thanks for the recaps. I wished Leh roy ruk would get more attention from viewers… it’s really good, from the plot to the cuteness between Tarn and Phu. And to top it all off, the pra’ek isn’t dumb as you mentioned.

    In my opinion, this is the better lakorn airing right now.

  2. Ce qui est bien dans ce lakorn, c’est qu’il n’y a pas de triangle amoureux.
    Chaque couple a leur propre histoire: mignon, romantique.
    C’est dommage qu’il y a personne qui le traduit, il est interessant.

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