Paen rai pai ruk – Love defeats schemes

This is a new lakorn under my radar. The title literally means Evil plans lose to love, but I’m going to call it Love defeats schemes instead, just coz it sounds better =)
It is described as romantic-drama with a touch of comedy, and is adapted from a best-seller.
This lakorn will mark Film’s comeback with ch.3 after his scandal from two years ago. He is paired up with Matt Peeranee❤ and many other casts.

The plot :

Kemmik is an air hostess. She gets hurt after experiencing a one night stand with Seua. She believes that he’s a jerk who dumps girls after he gets their body. As a result, Kemmik doesn’t believe in love. She starts taking weird jobs, which is to make plans in order to prove real love.
She gets hired by Saengsuda. Her job is to destroy the love of Phisaeng, Saengsuda’s only son who has gone to work in a farm, and to bring him back to manage the airline company.
This is the beginning of the fun because of course, Phisaeng and Seua, the one guy whom Kemmik never wants to meet again in this life, are the same person.

Film as Phisaeng/Seua, an heir to an airline company who does farming, and Matt as Kemmik who was hired to drag him back and manage the company. Film said that his character is the quiet type and that he doesn’t have many comedic scenes.

Got Jirayu as Konthee and Esther as Naetnipha. They will be the bickering pair. He wants to flirts with Kemmik, but Naetnipha won’t allow him to.

Woot Surinthorn and Gale Waytaka (did she change her name? I thought it was Warunlak…) He plays Phitya, a womanizer, and she plays Phisinee, the sweetest girl.

Two new faces, Alex Thiradaet and Tubtim Phichamon. He plays Dr. Prin, a vet working at Phisaeng’s farm. He lacks confidence and is more comfortable around pigs than around people. Tubtim plays Sawika, Phisaeng’s fiancée, but he doesn’t love her so she falls for the vet instead.

The filming will start mid July, it might have started already… I don’t know. I’m so excited for this lakorn, I hope they won’t make us wait for too long >.<

I love this shot.

Source : News Sanook
More photos of the fitting at CH.3 gallery

9 thoughts on “Paen rai pai ruk – Love defeats schemes

  1. I was going to ask, if you’ll sub this. B/c I’m exciting for it too. This definitely will be my first time watching Film in lakorn.

      • anyway, looks like Phaen Rai Phay Ruk is going to air sometime in December. I’m a huge fan of Film from Indonesia and I do really really really hope that you will sub this lakorn too :))) Thank you so much for considering my request.

      • Dear Sousday 😀 good news for you. I got this information directly from Film Rattapoom’s management. Phaen Rai Phay Ruk will air on February 2013. So on December-January you can fully concentrate on your mid terms 🙂 Anyway Sousday, I was wondering if you had twitter or facebook. It will be such a great honor for me to be able to keep in touch with you 🙂

  2. Love Matt, not really care about Film, but he’s decent. the storyline is fun. Thanks for putting it in the subbed list. Thanks

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