Leh roy ruk ep.4 – Recaps

While Thawin is asleep, Tarn says to herself that she should quickly make her move before being caught by the police as Inspector Somyut was asking about her. And so she goes to Grandpa’s office with the intention to steal. However, when she arrives at the office, she catches someone else stealing : Napha. She backs off, and is startled by Thawin. She makes up an excuse as to why she is down here and they return to their room. She still won’t let him sleep on the bed by using the old excuse : she still can’t get over the fact that he’s gay.

In the morning, he sneaks a kiss on her while she’s asleep and wakes her up. She asks him if he kissed her. He says no, she was probably dreaming, which leaves Tarn wondering.

He goes for a swim. In the swimming pool, Win is seeing images of Bunthan. This leads him to wonder whether he’s really gay.

It’s not true! It’s not true! I’m a guy! I’m a guy! I like women! I like women!

Bunthan arrives. He wants to take Win to a doctor. However, Win still thinks that Bunthan is trying to flirt with him. He gives Bunthan a punch and says that he’s not gay. Tarn arrives and sees them. Win grabs her and says to Bunthan that he loves his wife and warns him to leave his family alone. This leaves Bunthan speachless.

Win! Looks like he really got brainwashed!

Tarn asks what has just happened and Win promises her that he loves only her and kisses her. Tarn says to herself that she really can’t be careless because he keeps taking advantage of her. She goes outside the house and sees Bunthan, she can’t believe that he really is gay.
Then, May comes up to Bunthan and asks him to move some plants for her. She keeps ordering him around until Bunthan loses patience. He approaches her and move his face close, very close, to May’s face… and asks her where he should put the plant. She says he doesn’t have to do it anymore and curses him before leaving. Tarn saw everything, she tries to sneak away but is caught by Bunthan. She tells him that she knows he doesn’t like women and that he has his eyes on Thawin. Of course, Bunthan doesn’t get a word of what she said.

Tarn then runs into Ae. Unlike their previous encounter, he is very friendly to her this time. They chat for a while until Win comes. He doesn’t want her to get close to Ae and admits that he’s jealous. She agrees.

At the hospital, Napha is having a check up. She has depression and can’t sleep because she keeps dreaming that someone is after her and her daughter’s lives. The doctor then tells Parami to make sure her mother takes her pills regularly. At home, Parami tells her mother to forget the past, but Napha says she can’t, it’s too cruel. Then, we get a glimpse of that cruel past : Napha was raped.

Tarn’s mother, who is held hostage at the gambling den, tries to borrow more money from the boss to gamble. It’s most certainly a good thing for her that he refuses. She sneaks and calls Tarn. Tarns tells her mother to endure, she will find the money and release her somehow. Her mother apologizes and promises that she will never gamble again if she gets out of there.

In Grandpa’s office, Grandpa tells Win and Tarn that he got the date for the wedding, it’s next month. Grandpa also wants them to live permanently in Thailand, and have Win manage the company. He then asks Tarn to invite her family to the wedding. Tarn says she has a mother, but her mother can’t come because she has to work in order to repay debts that her father had left behind. Grandpa tells her that he’ll give her money to clear her debts as a dowry, which startled Tarn. He asks her how much it is. She says 15 million, when actually, it’s 10 million. She thanks him and he says that what he wants in return is a great-grandchild.

Tarn is so happy that she’s daydreaming about the money and about leaving Win. Win sees her laughing alone, he calls her but she doesn’t hear him so he kisses her. He asks her what she was thinking about, she says her mother. He promises her that her and her mother will not be in hardships again. He also promises to love and to take the best care of her.

But while Tarn and Win are being sweet to each other, Somyut is searching Tarn’s house. Bunthan is also watching them from afar. But he is caught by May. She suspects him and Bunthan says that whatever he does, she will never trust him anyway. Then he kisses her. May says that she’s gonna tell Grandpa about it.

Grandpa is in office working, Parami comes in to bring him coffee. He asks her about her mother and May barges in. May asks him to fire Bunthan, her reason being that she doesn’t like him. Grandpa says he can’t and blames May for being too spoiled in front of Parami. When May comes out of the house, Bunthan apologizes to her but she won’t forgive him. Parami sees them and thinks that there’s something going on between those two. She tells Bunthan that Grandpa is asking for him. Grandpa apologizes to Bunthan for May’s behaviour and tells him that he wanted to marry her to Phubadee. Upon hearing that, Bunthan laughs to himself. Grandpa then asks Bunthan to be Phu’s driver. He tells him to carry a gun with him all the time because Phu may be in danger, after all, his son Pakin did die mysteriously.

Somyut is asking a neighbour about Tarn and her mother. He learns that they don’t really have a job and that both mother and daughter have been missing for about two weeks. He then reports his findings to Parami and asks her for more money. Ae sees the two of them. He confronts Parami about it and she says that she and Somyut met by chance. While leaving, Parami says to herself that she’s going to get revenge on men once she gets the money.

Back at the house, Grandpa asks Win and Tarn where they want to go for their honeymoon. Tarn says anywhere is fine, as long as Win is with her. She then ask when she will receive the dowry, which make Grandpa choke on his coffee – she’s so eager to get the money lol
Grandpa says that she will receive on the wedding day and that he hopes to meet her mother on that day.

Bunthan is watching Win and Tarn trying on their wedding outfits, he still wonders why Win is so into Tarn. Prarop comes and tells him to return home first because he will drive them home after dropping by the hospital. But instead of going home, Bunthan follows them to the hospital and sees them walking into the department of neurology.
The doctor tells Win that everything is normal and Win asks why he still can’t remember anything. Tarn says it’s okay if he doesn’t recover his memories, maybe there is nothing worth remembering in his past. But he wants to remember why he’s in love with Tarn. Prarop intervenes and says that Tarn should help him remember, like bring him to where they first met and what they did on their first date.

After they left, Bunthan asks the doctor what is wrong with Win. However, the doctor says that nothing is wrong because Prarop has asked him to keep Win’s memory loss a secret as it may endanger Win’s life. Bunthan doesn’t believe him.

As Prarop and the doctor suggested, Tarn brings Win to a fancy restaurant to recall their first date – if they ever had one… He starts remembering their first encounter where she pretended to be blind and he tried to kiss her in his hotel room. He tells her about it and Tarn gets scared. She tells him to stop trying to remember because that will give him a headache. He then gets curious and asks her whether they slept together or not after their first date… which makes Tarn uneasy.
At a nearby table is sitting Bunthan. He is still following them and he finally learns about Win’s memory loss. May is also having dinner at the same restaurant. She sees Win and Tarn when she walks in and goes to greet them, before sitting at the table right in front of Bunthan.

Why did it have to be the same restaurant? What do I do? How am I gonna leave here?

End of episode 4

My thoughts :

Yay! for Win starting to get his memory back!
Noo! for whatever happens in the preview… it looks like the villains will succeed with their evil plans 😦


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