Leh roy ruk ep.3 – recaps

Tonhorm, the maid, comes and announces to everyone that Phubadee is moving in tomorrow with his wife, which gives Bunthan a shock. He calls Phu’s hotel but couldn’t reach him and he wonders when Thawin’s got himself a wife.

The next day, Bunthan watches from afar Phu and Tarn who are walking into the house. Prarop insists that Phu should not tell anyone about his memory loss. They go greet Grandpa. Then come Napha and Parami who of course aren’t pleased to learn that Phu is already married. After they left, Grandpa says that he hasn’t been this happy in thirty year, since the day Phu’s father moved out with his family.

Tonhorm shows Phu and Tarn to their room. On the way, Tarn asks about the people who live in the house. Tonhorm tells her that only Grandpa lives in the main house and that all valuable stuffs are inside his office. Tarn then asks where the office is which cause Phu to ask her why she is curious about that… my guess is, she probably wants to steal – lol

When Phu enters his room, he sees Bunthan. Bunthan gives him a smile but didn’t get any response from Phu. When Tarn enters, Bunthan stares at her and is puzzled when Phu introduces her as his wife. After Bunthan and Tonhorm left, Tarn tells Phu that she doesn’t trust Bunthan. He agrees and tells her not to stay close to Bunthan because he’s afraid Bunthan will flirt with his pretty wife.

Napha is so frustrated by Tarn’s existence that she hurts her hand and bleeds. Parami sees her and her mother apologizes for not being able to give her a better life. After Parami put her mother to bed, she goes to meet with the inspector who has “evil” written on his forehead. She asks him to investigate Tarn because she thinks Tarn is deceiving Phu. She wants to expose Tarn so she can marry Phubadee to get his money. After that, the inspector could dispose of Phu the same way he got rid of Phu’s uncle. So, we get our killer now.

Phubadee is trying to remember the passcode to his luggage but is stopped by Tarn. She doesn’t want him to work on recovering his memory. She talks him into taking a nap. He pulls her toward him and says

You said we were in love, right? Though I can’t remember anything, I want to thank you and show you my love. If you weren’t there to look after me, I would be in bad shape.

He leans forward to kiss but she makes up an excuse and leaves the room.

While Tarn is away, Bunthan goes to Phu’s room, calls him Win and asks him who the girl who came with him is. Fake Phubadee doesn’t understand a word of what he’s saying and warns him for being rude to his wife. Bunthan kinda gets the situation and change topic. Phu then asks him to open his luggage for him. Bunthan asks once more whether Phu really doesn’t remember him but then, Tarn comes in. After Bunthan left, Phu tells Tarn that Bunthan is speaking as if the two of them knew each other before.

At dinner, they toast to Phu’s return. Anaek asks Phu and Tarn how they met and everything, then Grandpa asks whether they have registered the marriage licence. They say no so Grandpa offers to organize a grand wedding for them. Phu is happy and thanks him but Tarn tries to oppose but fails.

At night, Tarn insists that Phu sleeps on the sofa but Phu wants to sleep in the same bed as Tarn. He asks her why she is always acting weird when he tries to get close to her. Is she hiding something from him? She says that soon after they married, she found out that Phu was cheating on her… with a man! Ha! She tells him that he lost his memory on that day.
Phu doesn’t believe that he’s gay…

– Tarn, if I’m really gay… then why, whenever I am near you, do I want to hug you and kiss you?

– It’s because you’re amnesic, that’s why you don’t remember that you like men more than women. Or maybe you are bisexual. Don’t you recall how Bunthan looks at you? Maybe he’s like you, that’s why he’s looking at you with that look.


She says he married her to deceive his grandpa. He apologizes for hurting her feelings and asks her why she didn’t break up with him if he’s really gay.

It’s hard to say it. It’s because… I love you. I wanted to break up but I couldn’t get myself to it. Just thinking that there is no you by my side, I can’t accept it.

He apologizes again and says that they’ll start over. She says okay, but only if he stops liking men, until then, he sleeps on the sofa. In the morning, Bunthan comes in the room and wakes Phu up, then he starts jumping on him… lol thankfully for Phu, it was just a dream… or should I say nightmare?

Tarn is taking a stroll in the house, she cheerfully greets Napha and Anaek, but they both ignored her. In the garden, it looks like someone wanted to stab her in the back but it’s just Parami. Ae joins them and act indifferent to Tarn so Tarn leaves them and watches them from afar.

Back to fake Phu, he’s looking at himself in the mirror and can’t get over the “fact” that he’s gay. When he gets out of the bathroom, he is startled by Bunthan. Bunthan came to give him some pills. He thinks that Thawin was drugged by Tarn with some mind control drug, that is why Thawin can’t remember him, so he consulted with a doctor and got a prescription to counter the drug effect. Thawin refuses to eat it though, he thinks that Bunthan is trying to make a move on him. So Bunthan has no other choice than to force him to eat it… but Tarn comes in and caught them in a somewhat embarrasing position.
Bunthan leaves the room and Thawin tells Tarn what has just happened. Tarn wanted to ask Grandpa to fire Bunthan but Thawin talks her out of it. He says he will stay away from Bunthan.
He also promises her that he will stop liking men and stop being gay.

While leaving the house, Bunthan runs into May. She asks him what he is doing in the main house.
He says he’ll whisper it to her so she needs to get closer. May starts leaning forward but then stops and says she’s not curious anymore. Grandpa walks in and May tells him that she has decided to work at the company. After Bunthan left, May says that Bunthan is suspicious. He doesn’t look like a driver. But Grandpa says that he’s normal, nothing’s wrong with him.

At the breakfast table, May cheerfully welcomes Phu and Tarn but the good mood is ruined by Napha who says that May must be sad for not being able to marry Phu now. Anaek cuts her and say it should be Parami who’s sad instead, because May has openly announced that she won’t marry Phu. Phu asks grandpa what is that about and Grandpa tells him that it was just his wishful thinking. Back to their room, Tarn and Phu agree that Napha and Anaek don’t get along. Tarn asks him who he would choose to marry between May and Parami. He says he won’t choose since he already has her. He then grabs her hand and tries to kiss her but she avoids him again. They are interrupted by Tonhorm who came to say that a police officer wants to talk to Phu.

Inspector Somyut is waiting for them. He asks to talk to Phubadee alone. Tarn reluctantly leaves the room and calls Attorney Prarop for help. Somyut is asking many questions about Tarn, he insists to know whether she knows that Phu was a rich heir before they marry. Phu says she doesn’t, and even if she does, she wouldn’t care about it because they love each other.

Before leaving, Somyut meets with Parami. Bunthan are watching the two of them from afar but May comes and asks him to repair her car. Bunthan couldn’t repair the car and tells her to call the mechanic. She scolds him for wasting her time because she has important business to do. Bunthan offers to drive her. Her important business turns out to be shopping… Bunthan scolds her for doing useless stuff, he says to her that instead of dressing up, she should put more effort into her work. He even compares her to Parami, which flares up May’s anger.
She tells him to go home first. He gives her shopping bags back to her but May throws them down and orders him to pick them up and take them with him back to the house, if not, he should quit his job. He eventually picks them up and May wears a smile of satisfaction.

Ae and Parami are meeting in a hotel room. Parami instigates Ae to work with her to get Grandpa’s inheritance. She wants him to break up Phu and Tarn by seducing Tarn. First, get rid of Tarn, then get rid of Phubadee.

Tarn is in bed and Phu comes out wrapped in a towel from the bathroom. His back is itchy so he asks Tarn to scratch it for him, causing him to lose his towel. She gets all shy and tucked herself under the blanket. He says that she’s acting as if she’s never seen him naked before. After putting on his pajamas, he tries to sleep on the bed but Tarn wouldn’t let him and he suddenly gets a horrible headache.

End of episode 3

My thoughts :

The story is moving on, we now know who the killer Thawin and Phu are looking for is. It’s no surprise though I thought they would drag it a bit more.
Thawin’s memory loss gives us many funny scenes like the one where Tarn tries to convince him that he is gay, but I hope he recovers his memory soon. I want to see him and real Phubadee working together to uncover the murder and attepted murders. I also want to see whether Thawin will get revenge on Tarn for lying to him. I hope he does it by deceiving her and make her feel bad for what she’s done to him without her knowing that she’s caught in his trap >.<

About acting, I find Selina’s acting hard to watch. I know it’s only her second project, but it seems that her acting has worsen since Kon rak luang jai… Her lack of skills wasn’t this blatant in KRLJ, maybe because everyone else was overacting as well. But in here, it’s clear that she needs to improve and I hope she will.


4 thoughts on “Leh roy ruk ep.3 – recaps

  1. I actually think that Selina’s just alright. In fact she really suits to be this spoiled brat. In some scene, she’s really convincing as rai to the point that I’ll think later she’ll be the nang rai in her next lakorns. People have different opinion anyway, don’t get offense na. ^^ By the way do you know how old is she in real life?

    I agree, Thawin should recover soon. Pity real Phubadee to working alone. :/

    Thanks for recapping, now I know who’s the killer. Since I don’t understand that much I’m just guessing things here and there, but with your help, I’m better. 😀

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