Leh roy ruk ep.2 – recaps

Though Tarn has said that she will not scam people anymore, she and her mother are at it again… Only this time the target turned out to be Thawin in disguise (the disguise is ridiculously funny lol). He handcuffs her, and took her to this room and asks for all of his belongings back. But Tarn has sold everything and the ring is at the gambling den with her creditors. She says she’s sorry and asks for forgiveness, he says okay but as long as she gives the ring back, if not she’ll end up in prison.

How to get the ring back? By stealing it. So Tarn and her mother disguised themselves and go to the gambling den, hoping that they would not be recognized. But with red hair like what Tarn has on her, of course they would attract people’s attention lol So they were about to be found out but Thawin comes help them in time. Since Thawin is away, Tarn and her mother tries to flee but fail. To create and opportunity to look for the ring, Tarn set the place on fire. But her mother gets greedy and they get caught. While trying to escape, Thawin gets hit on the head and loses conciousness right before the police arrive.

At the hospital, Tarn wanted to leave several times but she is always stopped. First time, she’s stopped by a nurse who was asking her to complete the patient’s profile. The second was by the doctor who told her that the patient is out of danger, and the third time, it’s by a nurse who gave her his personal belongings because she thought that Tarn was his wife.
Tarn takes a look into his wallet looking for his name, but found no given name, just his surname. She also found Attorney Prarop’s namecard and gave him a call. She told him that her boyfriend whose surname is Warithiworanan was injured and hang up.

Tarn goes to Thawin’s room while he’s still unconscious…

Sorry for making you like this, and thank you for saving my life. But I took you to the hospital, so we’re even now, okay?

She hopes that they won’t ever meet ever.

As for the ring, let’s say… I’m taking this to start a new life.
So, you agree to give it to me. Thank you! Good luck!


On her way out, she is stopped again by the police who came to get her testimony. She tells the police that she and her husband was taking a stroll when those thugs came and robbed them. When they ask her for her husband’s name, she keeps silent and doesn’t answer since she doesn’t know, which makes the police officers doubt her… thankfully, Attorney Prarop comes in and asks how “Phubadee” is doing.

Tarn then says that she is Phubadee Warithiworanan’s wife… which startled Prarop, but he sees the ring on her finger. Once the police left, Prarop asks her when she and Phu got married. She started to make up a tale, saying they met on the plane when Phu was coming back to Thailand, and that they instantly fall in love. Though they’ve just met, they felt that they’ve known each other for years… it was fate.
Prarop doesn’t look convinced by her story but she must be important to Phu since Phu gave her his heirloom. She learns that Phu is the sole heir to his family business.

Tarn : Are you saying that khun Phu is heir to hundreds of millions?
Prarop : No, the correct thing to say is… thousands of millions.

After the attorney left, Tarn got scared that Phu may report her to the police after he wakes up so she flees, but she overhears Prarop telling the nurse to keep watch on her 24 hours a day as she may be in danger. Tarn has no other choice but to stay in the hospital.

At the Warithiworanan house, May is the last one to know that someone tried to kill Grandpa. She says she didn’t know because she was busy looking for job. Grandpa tells her to work at the company, because soon when she marries Phu, she will have to help him look after the business. May announces that she will not marry Phu, that she will only marry the man she loves and then leaves the room. Grandpa says he won’t forced May if she isn’t willing and asks Parami whether she’ll agree if he told her to marry Phu. She says she will do anything that Grandpa asks of her.

May runs into Bunthan in front of the house. He tells her to walk carefully but then she slips and falls.

At May’s house, Bunthan was telling her she was heavy and they got interrupted by May’s brother. Ae tells his sister to choose her guys better and not flirt with the driver. He orders Bunthan to put her down but May tells Bunthan to carry her to her bedroom. Once she’s in her room, she starts crying while recalling how her brother and her father complained at her for being a good for nothing, unlike Parami.

At the hospital, Thawin or Phu wakes up and finds Tarn sleeping on the sofa. Tarn starts telling him that it wasn’t her fault that he ended up in that state, but Phu interrupts her and asks her who she is…
The doctor and Prarop walk in. Phu doesn’t remember his name, neither his “wife”. Tarn gets anxious as she’s afraid to be found out, but is relieved when Phu says he doesn’t recognized Prarop either. The doctor tells Tarn and Prarop that other than the memory loss, Phu is fine and can be discharged.

Tarn wants to run away but she can’t because Prarop won’t leave her alone at all. He tells her that he wants her to keep Phu’s memory loss a secret from his grandfather and the others. Tarn is startled because she didn’t think she would have to move in with Phu.
When Prarop finally leaves her alone, Tarn goes home but her mother is missing. She gets a call from her mother’s kidnapper, he’s giving her 2 months to bring 10 million in exchange for her mother’s life. He’s getting back at Tarn for burning down his gambling den.

How will Tarn get so much money? By pretending to be Phubadee’s wife, of course. She returns to the hospital, he gives her a scare by saying that he recalls her but in fact, he just remembers her saying that she was his wife. She tells him that he has a memory loss and lies to him about how they first met and how they fell in love. He apologizes for not remembering her but she says it’s okay, she will stay by his side and help him recover his memory.

I can consider myself lucky. Even when I have a memory loss, my pretty wife isn’t leaving me.

May and Parami run into each other in the garden. Parami asks May why she hates her so much and May says that it’s because Parami is fake and is a liar. Here, we see that Parami isn’t as nice as she seems to be. Later, Bunthan is lost in his memories and inadvertently spinkles water on May. She slips (again) and falls on top of him. Sweetness overload~

At the hospital, Phu is being flirty with Tarn. He keeps wanting to hug and kiss her… Even with his memory hoss, he’s still such a player lol Tarn fills him in with what to say if his grandfather asks him questions, but Phu gets suspicious about Tarn because she keeps avoiding him.

End of episode 2


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