Leh roy ruk ep.1 – recap

It starts with the introduction of our two male leads. First, we have Phubadee who has forgotten his appointment, because he’s still in bed with some woman. Then, we have Bunthan, who has arrived at the Warithiworanan house. Napha is waiting for him, she tells him that he will be Grandpa’s driver.
Back to Phubadee, he’s meeting with khun Prarop, his grandfather’s attorney. We learn that he moved abroad with his parents since the age of one. The attorney is glad that he’s wearing his father’s ring, because that ring will prove that he is the real heir to the Warithiworanans.
After the appointment, Phu calls Bunthan, saying that they need to meet before Phu returns to the house as the heir. They tell each other to be careful. And then out of the blue, a girl comes and sits at Phu’s table.

After knowing that she’s blind, Phu helps her on her way. A motorcycle nearly hit her. Phu offers to take her to the hospital but she says it’s fine if he bandages her. At his hotel room, Phu leaves her alone to go wash his hand. She then takes off her spades… so she was faking blindness lol She goes looking around the room, seems like she wanted to steal his Ipad, but he comes back in time. While he fixes her up, she stares at him with a disgusted look. But then, Phu starts flirting with her. He takes off her spades and goes…

“Your eyes are so beautiful. Your nose… your mouth…
You are so pretty that I…”

He leans forward to kiss her but she stops him by drugging him. Once he passed out, she rips him off his money… and his ring! Urg And off many other things… So our female lead is a liar and a thief? Her mother is working with her too!

Bunthan arrives at the hotel to meet with Phu. At the desk, he asks for Thawin, but there’s no one with that name in the hotel. He tries again with the name Phubadee Warithiworanan, gets Phu’s room number and find him unconcious in the room. They can’t report the robbery to the police because that would ruin the boys’ plan, which is to have Thawin act as Phubadee, while the real Phubadee acts as Bunthan. Thawin promises real Phu that he will find her and get the ring back no matter what.

At the Warithiworanan house, Attorney Prarop reports to grandpa that Phubadee has returned to Thailand. The next morning, everyone gathers for a meeting. Before grandpa arrives, Napha and Anaek argues over who get the rights to grandpa’s inheritance. Both Anaek and Napha aren’t blood related to grandpa. Grandpa arrives while May is right on time for the meeting. Grandpa announces to everyone that Phubadee, his sole heir, will move in with them soon and will take over the family business. Lastly, he tells May that he wants Phubadee to marry her, which makes Napha green with envy while Anaek is delighted.

Later, Napha is stressed over Grandpa’s biais toward her daughter Parami. Though Napha is just an outsider, Parami was born and grew up in that house so Napha thinks that her daughter is rightfully a part of the family and should get a share of the inheritance. As for Anaek and his son Ae, they also want Grandpa’s inheritance, but they are just distant relatives that are not even blood related.

May comes and pleads with her father to tell Grandpa to rethink her marriage because she doesn’t want to marry a man she doesn’t love, but her dad refuses. Both her dad and her brother want her to marry Phubadee because he’s rich.
On her way out, May almost ran over Buntham while he was touring the house and asking about its residents from the maid. And then they start to bicker.

Back to our liar/thief female lead who’s name is still unknown yet. She wants to stop scamming people and open a bakery, but her mother would rather not. Why do hard work when you can easily get money from the rich? Well, that’s one way to teach your child.
She then goes to the mall to sell the Iphone and the Ipad that she stole from Thawin. Unfortunately, luck is not with her as she runs into Thawin. She manages to escape though by making him look like a pervert who wants to rape her. Once at home, she swears not to scam people anymore.

While waiting for grandpa at the golf course, Bunthan, aka real Phubadee, recalls a phone call he made with his uncle. During that call, he listened to his uncle being murdered and he was also treatened not to return to Thailand. Because of that, he decides to return to Thailand as Bunthan and have Thawin act as Phubadee so they can investigate his uncle’s murder and protect his grandpa while keeping real Phubadee safe. Three birds with one stone, is that it?
When the grandpa comes, two guys on a motorcycle start shooting at him. They failed and no one was injured. The police came to get their testimony. The inspector seems to know Parami well as he asks her to call him. As he leaves, she gave him a scary stare. Knowing the actors playing Parami and the inspector (Ae Pornthip and Passin Reungwoot), these two are definitely up to no good.

Bunthan has observed everyone in that house and reports to Thawin. Bunthan thinks that neither Napha nor Anaek would be the murderer because they seem to respect Grandpa a lot. When Thawin asks about Anaek’s daughter May, Bunthan starts recalling his first meeting with her and smiles to himself. Aw~ he’s already falling for her… and then May walks in the bar.
She got stood up by her friends, and the guy who came with her drugged her. Thankfully, she got rescued by Bunthan. He carries her to her car after she passed out, and while he puts the seatbelt on, her lips accidentally touch his cheek… and then he looks at her with loving eyes… How sweet~

That night, while our female lead is sleeping, her mother sneaks into her room and steals her money to go gambling. In the morning, Tarn (we finally get to know her name after one hour and twenty minutes…xD) gets a call from her mother’s creditor asking her to bring money if she wants her mother back. Her mother owes two million and they have a month to pay the money back. The creditor saw Phubadee’s ring on Tarn’s finger and takes it. At home, Tarn scolds her mother and says that she will not help her scam people again.

My thoughts :

Well, this episode isn’t bad for a start. All the actors and actresses are looking good. Thawin is such a player. How could he try to kiss a girl he never met before? Did he think that because she is blind, she wouldn’t recognize him if they ran into each other in the street? Well, serves him right that the girl turns out to be a thief! lol


8 thoughts on “Leh roy ruk ep.1 – recap

  1. Actually I’ve heard the nang ek’s name ‘Tarn’ since she was at fake Phubadee’s house. Her mother called and “wang ngai, Tarn?” ^^

    I want to know what did they talk about when real Phubadee was in the car with his grandpa. The grandpa was saying something, and Phubadee’s expression changed.

    Thanks for recapping. I can’t wait for the next episode.

    • You were right about her name, I missed that part xD

      As for the part in the car, Grandpa was asking stuff like which province Bunthan is from, what job he used to do… then Grandpa says that Bunthan looks familiar and asks if they’ve met in the past, that’s when Bunthan’s expression changed. He replies no, they’ve never met before.

  2. HI my name is amy i was so looking forward to finish watching the dancing doll what happen can u please put in back on i lovvvvvvvvve to finish it.please let me know asap i chk every day but not on any more snifff snifff.

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