Noona – Only you (Eng sub)

This MV is so cheesingly cute~ I love it

I love their smiles, I love the wedding shoot, I love the scene where they make their dorky smile at his parents, I love the scene where Noona moves closer to Mark and put her head on his shoulder while he’s asleep~♥~
I just love it ♥

(I admit though… if it wasn’t for Mark and Noona, I wouldn’t like it so much xD)

Also, there’s going to be a second MV. Noona said in one of the BTS clip that the first MV, which is Only you, has comedy and is sweet as it deals with their first encounter, but there’s going to be some drama in the second MV. Actually, the song title alone is sad… it’s หายใจเข้าก็ยังรอ หายใจออกก็ยังจํา (Haijai kao gor yang ror, haijai ork gor yang jam), the meaning? “I still wait for you each time I inhale, I still remember you each time I exhale”
(it sounds much bettet in Thai than in English lol)

Here’s a BTS clip.

Both Mark and Noona are soooo cute ♥♥

At 0:50, the commentator points out how sweet they were, especially in the scene where Mark has to kiss Noona’s cheek several times.

Noona’s comment : “It’s acting.” She did what the director and photographer asked her to do~

Mark’s comment: “I have to thank the director, I need to treat him to a few meals for letting me kiss Noona”
and then he goes “I’m so happy~” lol ♥


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