Saam Num Neua Thong

3 Num neua thong or 3 Golden men… my new project =)

Here, we have three best friends.

First, we have Mark Prin as Kritchai, a CEO to a company that imports motorbikes. He is paired with Kim Kimberley as Arunsri, she works in his company. Kritchai is in love with Arunsri but she already has a boyfriend. Because he doesn’t want to become the third party, he keeps his distance and watches her from afar.

Then we have Ken Phuphoom, our new p’ek, as Theetat. He is a playboy who refuses to settle down. That’s until he met Lamphao (Toey Jarinporn) who is Krit’s cousin. She is annoyed by his character and vows to make him her boyfriend because she wants to win over him.

Finally, we have Boy Pakorn as Watchara. He plays a police officer who’s about to marry his girlfriend (Pitta), but he is reluctant. His n’ek is Marie Broenner, another newcomer, as Supanika, Arunsri’s best friend. She has a strong character, she refuses to lose to anyone, and he is the same. So they keep fighting whenever they meet each other.

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3 thoughts on “Saam Num Neua Thong

  1. Hi Sousday, I’m Thai and I like to watch your subscribe as I want to learn English.
    I found that learning English through favorite lakorn is so powerful. I found myself addict to watching SNNT via your channel.I keep waiting you to upload new episode eventhrough there’re many video uploads for this lakorn in Thai. Thank you for your useful channel. Keep doing!! and thank you that you love Thai lakorn as well.

    P.S. Can I know where are you from? I guess from your name, it sounds like cambodian? It’s pretty impressive that your English skill is so good.


  2. i really like this drama Saam Num Neua Thong!is it possible to upload it into file sharing website and let us download to keep it to watch? in case in the future it beening put down by youtube .. thank you =D

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